Suggested basic first-aid supplies for 72-hour kit

The objective of the 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit is to have, previously assembled and placed in one location, all of those essential items you and your family will need during a 72-hour time period following an emergency. When an emergency occurs you
will probably not have the luxury of going around the house gathering up needed items, especially if you have to evacuate your home on short notice.

First aid book
· waterproof container
· assortment of band-aids
· gauze pads
· butterfly bandages
· cotton balls
· small roll of gauze
· adhesive tape
· cotton swabs (Q-Tips)
· safety pins
· Pepto-bismol tablets
· antacid tablets (good for bee sting)
· cold pack
· consecrated oil
· hydrogen peroxide
· alcohol (disinfectants)
· smelling salts
· medicine dropper tweezers
· alcohol wipes
· Benadryl capsules
· aspirin (promotes healing of burns)
· Tylenol (chewable for children)
· collapsible scissors
· thermometer
· crushable heat pack
· special prescriptions or equipment
· small tube or packets antiseptic cream
· ointment
· small spool thread/two needles

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