NONFAT: This is pasteurized skim milk reduced to a powdered
concentrate. It can be found in two forms, regular and instant. They are both made from milk in a spray-drying process, but the instant variety has been given further processing to make it more
easily soluble in water than regular dry milk. Both types have the same nutrient composition. The regular variety is more compact and requires less storage space than the instant variety, but it is more
difficult to reconstitute. The most easily found variety is the
instant, available in nearly any grocery store. The regular variety has
to be sought out from baking and restaurant suppliers and storage food dealers.

It takes 3.2 oz or about 3 tablespoons of instant nonfat dry milk added to 8 oz of water to make 1 cup of milk you can drink or cook with just like fresh milk, albeit with a considerable flavor difference.

Combining the dry milk with water at least several hours before you plan to use it gives it time to dissolve fully and to develop a fresher
flavor. Shaking the fluid milk vigorously will incorporate air and will
also help to improve flavor. Add the powder to baked goods, gravies,
smoothies, hot cereals, casseroles and meat loaf as a nutrition booster. It can also be used to make yogurt, cheese and most any cultured dairy product that does not require a high fat content.

FLAVORED NONFAT: This may be found packaged in a variety of forms from a low calorie diet drink (artificially sweetened) to the other end of the scale, as cocoa mix or malted milk. The key ingredient is the dry milk so buy and store these products accordingly.

WHOLE MILK: This is whole dry milk with all of its fat content
and therefore has a shorter shelf life than nonfat. Other than that, it can be used in exactly the same way. Dry whole milk is difficult to find, but can sometimes be found where camping and outback supplies are sold.

BUTTERMILK: Dry buttermilk is for use in recipes calling for
buttermilk. Since it has a slightly higher fat content than nonfat dry milk, it generally does not keep as long.

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