Going Green with Calibarrett Stoves


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a carbon footprint by the total emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Going Green is about reducing our carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable environment.

The CaliBarrett BioStove reduces campfire emissions with a flame that produces a burn that is twice as hot and three times as efficient as a traditional open flame fire. You never need to worry about packing costly and polluting fuels such as propane or gasoline – you simply pick up your biofuels right off the ground.

Designed with the principles of a rocket in mind, the CaliBarrett BioStove’s shape is designed to allow airflow-intake that yields a double combustion of the gases trapped within the biofuel, for a safer, cleaner, smoke-free burn.

More than half of the world’s population is still cooking over an open flame fire for all of their basic cooking, heating, and water sanitation needs. Often, these open flame stoves are used in enclosed areas where the smoke being emitted can have harmful effects on those around. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2012 that over 3.5 Million people have died from medical issues directly connected to stove pollution.

This is why CaliBarrett has stepped in with a stove that is cleaner, more efficient, and guaranteed to last a lifetime. There are other great biofuel stoves on the market, but none that can guarantee more than a few years of functionality. CaliBarrett has produced a stove that can take a beating and still keep going.

Completely made in the U.S.A., quality and lifespan are guaranteed with every stove. It’s about time we stepped in to help the people of the world who do not share in our modern luxuries. CaliBarrett has made a promise to donate a classic stove for every ten stoves purchased. Already, several people have received the benefits of your purchases in Micronesia.

The Story

In 2006, Johnny Barrett, creator of the CaliBarrett Bio Stove, donated a year of his time teaching English in the outer Islands of Micronesia. Stationed on a small atoll 90 miles south east of Pohnpei Micronesia, he quickly learned luxuries like electricity, running water, and gas were still unavailable in most of the world. It was here he learned the fundamentals of living life off grid from spear fishing, collecting rainwater, digging up taro root, and cooking over an open fire.

Furthermore, he noticed the large quantity of natural resources it took to accomplish the simple tasks of boiling water and cooking rice. On an Island that was already limited on natural resources, he struggled with how to conserve the bio fuels the island naturally produced.

Upon returning to the United States, he began researching alternative forms of cooking. After being let down by the poor construction of anything remotely close to an efficient stove that runs off bio fuels, he began constructing stoves built from materials that he felt would last a lifetime.

After years of practice, research, and a few return visits to Micronesia he developed the CaliBarrett Bio Stove. A stove that was built around a few simple principles:

1. Works under any condition

2. Use it- Abuse it- Reuse it

3. Lasts a lifetime

4. Made in America

Using these principles he developed a stove that hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, overlanders, adventurers, preppers, and eco conscious people alike, could use in their activities to cook, sterilize water, and keep warm, all while using a minimum amount of fuel to accomplish the task at hand.

Purchase one here

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