Disaster Resilience Checklist for Businesses


  • Single point of contact
  • Daily update calls
  • Daily reports released at the same time each day
  • Two-tiered communication approach
  • Stakeholder map
  • Co-location of communication teams
  • Multiple channels (SMS, email, website)
  • After-hours platform
  • Social media

Crisis Management team

Core team with multiple skills

  • Senior management
  • Engineering and risk management
  • Health and safety
  • Human resources
  • Specialist risk management professionals
  • Legal
  • Marketing and communications

With authority to make decisions

Declaring site operational

  • Real estate team holds authority
  • Pre-occupation checklist
  • Site inspection prior to clean up

Consider your staff

  • Stress and fatigue
  • Medical issues
  • Inoculations
  • Family welfare

Leverage existing partnerships

  • Agreements with preferred suppliers
  • Connectivity between landlords and tenants
  • Leverage knowledge and resources across sites

Essential services

Plan for essential services to be placed on standby

  • Generators
  • Emergency response team
  • Waste arrangements
  • Handymen
  • Potable water
  • Basic building materials
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Air conditioning technicians
  • Security companies
  • Contractors on standby with preferred suppliers
  • Interstate/overseas resources on standby
  • Crisis kit: generators, tape, sandbags

Allow for flexibility and pragmatism

  • Flexible and creative teams in problem-solving
  • Incorporate short-term flexibility and tactical plans into the long-term real estate strategy

Prepare your BCP tools

  • Escalation process
  • Detailed site information checklists
  • Post-disaster inspection checklists
  • Operational readiness checklists
  • Post disaster re-occupation checklists
  • Disaster readiness guides
  • Post-disaster guides

Test your response

  • Know capacity of back up services
  • Load back-up services to full capacity
  • Test when key stakeholders are absent
  • Communicate BCP to stakeholders


About Prepare-1

We specialize in high quality emergency preparedness, survival and first aid training and supplies.

855-HelpPrepare (435-7773)




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