3 steps to go “Old School” in your emergency preparations

1. If you look around your job or your home, what battery-operated radios do you have around you? Likely, none. What are you going to do if the power and/or internet connectivity goes out where you are? How will you tune into emergency alert broadcasts? Do all your ways to get information rely on the electrical grid? In addition to your food & water supply, have a battery-operated radio, flashlights and a healthy supply of batteries. One of the items that sells out first in disasters is batteries.  Next time your at the store grab a pack of extra batteries once a month.


2. A great device to have is a hand crank radio. A what? A hand crank radio is a radio that has a handle you wind up to give the radio power. This will be especially helpful in the event that you aren’t able to reach your supply of batteries, or the batteries have run out of juice.

3. As helpful as Google Maps are on your Smartphone the service will most likely be down in a large scale disaster. This highlights another often-overlooked item you should have in your disaster kit. Maps. Keep a stash of paper maps in your vehicles and emergency kits that outline how to get around your local city, county, and state (at the very least.).


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2 thoughts on “3 steps to go “Old School” in your emergency preparations

  1. Good stuff. I would add books. Old-school paper books. Build your library now so it is there even if it just to read a paperback to fight boredom if the hydro goes out for a couple days and as a way to have important life-saving information when you can’t “Google it”


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